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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Methylene Blue Clay Tester, Methylene Blue Test and our set up is situated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

USE : It is use to find out active clay % of sand.

SPECIFICATIONS : The Methylene Blue Clay Tester is used to determine the amount of live bentonite clay present in a sand sample. A five-gram sand sample is washed in a sodium pyrophosphate solution. Then methylene blue powder is added to the sample until the clay cannot absorb the excess. Using a calibration factor and milliliters of powder to titrate the sample, the percentage of live bentonite in the molding sand can easily be calculated the Methylene Blue Clay Test includes of a cast base with burette stand, a Burette, Conical flasks, one Glass burette, magnetic stirrer, methylene Blue Powder, required chemicals, dropper rod and fitter paper.

Dimensions and Weights (Approximate)
Length  :  330 mm (13")
Width    :  330 mm (13")
Height   :  510 mm (20")
Weight  :  7 kgs.